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Industry Feature Friday: Katherine Colwell (Concert Photographer/Social Media Manager)

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Welcome to Industry Feature Friday, putting the spotlight on the people behind the music! From producers, radio DJ's and radio trackers, to photographers, managers and everything in between. These are the music business professionals who work hard to help put your favourite artists (emerging, independent and hit makers) on the charts, DSP's, radio and on the map through their work behind the scenes!

In the spotlight this week is Alberta Concert Photographer and Social Media Manager out of YEG (Edmonton), Katherine Colwell! She has been featured on a VERY educational Studio B podcast episode with Hayden McHugh, talking about social media, marketing and P.R. managing as an indie artist/band. It's awesome to have her back for this blog! She is a WEALTH of knowledge and SUPER talented! Katherine is the loveliest human and a very fun hang when she works with you! I can't wait for you to know her (if you don't already!), so you can book her!!

Get the know Katherine Colwell here:

Sarah Scott (SS): Now, you've been on Studio B Podcast before to talk about social media and marketing and I'm so excited to have you back for Industry Feature Friday! So, for anyone who hasn't listened to that episode (yet!), tell us how you got into concert, tour and artist photography and social media!

Katherine Colwell (KC): Honestly, I can't really pinpoint one specific way or reason, I've always been a creative person growing up and have always had a love for art (I also draw) so I guess photography was a natural progression. Being able to capture memories of artists and friends doing what they love is the best feeling and nothing beats the energy of a live show. After photographing shows and doing merch for The Dungarees, James reached out to see if I was interested in taking on their social media since I was familiar with the band, it just kinda grew from there!

SS: Tell us about the life of a concert, tour, artist photographer! What really goes on behind the scenes?

KC: People think it's a lot more glamorous than it really is. Photographing shows is so fun, like I mentioned before the feeling of a live show is incredible; the artist, the audience. But in reality there is a lot more time spent editing, and editing, and editing...

Trying to gather bands for group photos backstage can be one of the most chaotic, hilarious and memorable adventures if you like herding cattle. And bring an extra phone charger, the band/ artist will always use it (you know who you are).

SS: Artists are also (obviously) creative people. If they have a vision in mind for how they would like their show/concert photographed, what is the best way for them to describe it to you? How do you help them achieve that look/style they want through that conversation?

KC: I'm a very visual person, so I love when artists share photos or profiles they like and even vibes they don't like.

SS: You have also worked with artists and bands on their social media. As we all know, social media these days is a bit of a beast! What is some advice you'd give artists on running their social accounts? How can they make it engaging and as successful as possible?

KC: Consistency is key, try and post regularly so fans know when to look for new content from you, it doesn't have to be every cuz that's overwhelming but posting every Tuesday/ Thursday morning is a good start. Mixing up the kind of content you post is also a big one, the algorithm is moving away from static photos so incorporating video (even something as simple as a 30 second cover), and tiktoks or reels if you are comfortable, is big.

Showing who you are and your personality could not be more important, what sets you apart as an artist? Keep in mind how you are unique and what your story is, don't be afraid to show glimpses of your personal life, it helps your audience relate to you.

SS: Who have you worked with?

KC: I've got the chance to work with so many amazing people: The Dungarees, The Prairie States, The Washboard Union, Foxx Worthee, Aaron Pritchett, Tebey, Nice Horse, Jess Moskaluke, USS, The Crease Rule, JJ Shiplett, Kane Incognito, Clayton Bellamy, The Matchstick Skeletons and Jojo Mason to name a few.

Check out her work on her Instagram here: @katherinemariecolwell

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