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Industry Feature Friday: Codi McIvor (Video Director/Digital Content Creator/Interview Host)

Welcome to Industry Feature Friday, putting the spotlight on the people behind the music! From producers, radio DJ's and radio trackers, to photographers, managers and everything in between. These are the music business professionals who work hard to help put your favourite artists (emerging, independent and hit makers) on the charts, DSP's, radio and on the map through their work behind the scenes!

This week, I'm featuring an industry professional who is making his way up the ranks in his profession of digital and video content creation. If you're a Canadian musician, you HAVE seen his name!

Codi, thank you so much for joining IFF this week!

I'm pleased to showcase, out of Edmonton, AB., Codi McIvor! Known for his podcast/YouTube series "ThisIsCodi," he has more recently ALSO built himself a name in the world of videography, video directing and digital content creation for several artists and bands across Canada such as Hailey Benedict, Justin Hogg, Drew Gregory, Jade Eagleson, James Barker Band, High Valley, Gord Bamford, Aaron Goodvin, Steven Lee Olsen and MANY MORE!

Although Codi does have a podcast/YouTube Series, we are focusing on his video and digital content creation today!

I met Codi at the 2018 Country Music Alberta Awards (CMAB's). We were both FRESH. It was both of our first years there. I don't remember exactly what I first thought of him because it was literally1:30am at CMAB's! #IKYK

I remember that because I remember saying "god, it's already 1:30," to someone else and someone walked past saying, "yeah it's early."

ANYWAYS! So like, we kind of "grew up" together in this industry.

I have to say this, every time I have talked to Codi in person or on the phone - his passion glows and he gets so excited. It's inspiring. He LOVES what he does and this industry.

When asked about his budding success in another interview (Shout Out Atlanta) Codi has said: "I would say hard work and dedication. without these two things I would not be where I am today and I truly believe people notice when you are putting your hard work towards your brand. I also believe you need to truly love what you are doing as that will push you even more to succeed with your brand."

Although the landscape has shifted in how music videos and digital projects are released, the inclination musicians have to express themselves through visual mediums is still going strong! Codi understands that video and digital content creation is quicker to find online than on TV nowadays, and recording artists’ and bands' visual components are as vital as ever.

Known for his fun and energetic style, Codi will help you elevate your online presence and help you connect with your fans and gain new audiences through visual storytelling, and bold yet personal digital and social content.

Codi is a proven contender to direct, produce and be a part of your next digital visual project. With several projects and himself gaining numerous (well deserved) nominations at the Country Music Alberta Awards (CMAB) and the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA), all eyes are on him and his work. As they should be!

I can't wait for you to learn more about Codi!

Get to know Codi McIvor more here:

Sarah Scott (SS): Codi! This is your first time on a Studio B platform and I'm so excited! I got to know you through your podcast many moons ago, but we are going to focus on your video content creation and videography in this feature! Your name is becoming very well known in the world of music and concert videography in Alberta and it's growing throughout Canada as well! For those who may be unfamiliar with your work and how you got into Videography, tell us a bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today!

Codi McIvor (CM): Thanks so much for having me be apart of this series. How I got into this is a long story; however, it started when I took a break from working with a DJ entertainment company here in Edmonton, AB and eventually became interested in cameras during that break.

I slowly started doing more things with the camera such as little vlogs around town or on all the trips I went on to learn the camera for one and to also learn how to take all the raw footage and create a short video out of it. The vlog stuff I didn’t quite enjoy to the fullest and I kept telling myself that I wanted to get back into the entertainment scene because I love music but wanted to go a different direction so I asked myself what’s missing and that’s when I created my interview series “ThisIsCodi”. This is when I met Hailey Benedict when I had the opportunity to interview her as my 4th interview of my new series and she is the one who introduced me to the Country Music Alberta scene which opened a lot of doors for me.

I attended the CMAB kick off party for my first year in 2018 where I met Drew Gregory. I approached Drew at the kick off party and asked him if he would be interested in the interview series. From that interview I felt Drew and I had a good connection and shortly after I noticed he was playing Rainmaker music festival in St. Albert, AB, and that's when I took my shot and asked him if he’d be interested in some video work as I was wanting to learn and work on my show footage for the first time. Since then I did a few more shows with Drew and met a lot of amazing people along the way which opened up even more doors for myself and then Drew gave me the opportunity of filming and editing the music videos and behind the songs for his Barn Sessions EP and that’s when I really got noticed by people in the industry. I then went on to do a music video for Renegade station but wanted to had more to my portfolio and I was a huge fan of Recap Videos at the time but no one was doing them at the time except one label I noticed so that's when I decided to attend the Calgary stampede in 2020 and strictly do recap videos for anyone interested which seemed to be a big hit in the Alberta country scene.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with artists like Jade Eagleson, James Barker Band, High Valley, Gord Bamford, Aaron Goodvin, Steven Lee Olsen & many more. Having the opportunities and being able to do these music videos for artists and recap videos also led me to become a final nominee this past Canadian Country Music Awards for Video Director of the year which is truly amazing and didn’t think that it was ever going to be possible. This Journey has been great so far and I can’t wait to see what’s next to come in the future.

SS: What is your videography style? What services do you offer?

CM: I would say my videography style I try to make it, fun & high energy unless the artist wants it to be a specific style! The services I offer are music videos and mostly social media content such as recap videos, reels / TikTok video content and I’ve been throwing in a little bit of concert photography in there as well. I have done some corporate events too, so I am definitely open to all video related opportunities however I am mainly concentrated on music video content.

SS: As we know, (speaking specifically about) musical artists have big ideas from promotional videos and songs they want portrayed with their vision and their vibe. How does this process work for you? Does the artist approach you with their vision, storyboard, ideas...etc? Do you present them with ideas? Tell us your content making process.

It’s definitely different with everyone you work with however when it comes to something like a music video a lot of musical artists already have a vision of what they want that to look like. I will then also present my ideas as well after listening to the song and then we sit down and finalize exactly what we want the video to like! I always want to come in as a videographer and give everyone the creative room to express and collaborate together on what they would like each project to look like. As far as Recap videos I will usually come to each artists show and film around the venue, backstage, crowd and the best highlight moments during the show and I will put that all into a one minute video that the artist is able to post on all social media platforms.

SS: When an artist/client is looking for a videographer/video content creator, what should they look for and how should they approach them to work with them?

CM: I would definitely say they should always see if they have a portfolio of their work or a few examples somewhere that way you know the videographers style of video and see if it will fit your project. With that being said, a lot of videographers are able to do different styles as well, so definitely having a conversation and seeing if the select videographer is someone you’d like to work with on your project. As far as approaching the videographer goes I think a simple e-mail works great or through their website if they have one. I personally sometimes will take offers when they message me on a social media platform but only if I personally know them but If its someone I may have never worked with in the past or have never met before I will direct them to e-mail that way there is always a clean record of everything in there of all the information you need with each client.

SS: What are questions that someone in your position should ask the artist/client before starting the project? If they don't ask these questions, is it a red flag?

I definitely think the main things they should ask the artist/client is how much or what kind of content they are needing for the project, what their timeline is for the project to be completed and the price of each project as sometimes the client might have a certain budget they are trying to stay within, so as the videographer we can tell you what we can provide for your project with your budget to make it work for your needs.

SS: Bonus question: Who would you love to make a music video for?

CM: I’ve been loving what Kameron Marlowe has been doing lately so I think as of right now that is someone I’d love to do a music video for one day.

If you are looking to learn more about Codi, check out his work and work with him on your next project or would like to be interview by him here is all his info:


Interview Host | Digital Creator

Edmonton, AB | Calgary, AB

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